Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Reeled in a Keeper!

Senor Baja
Norwalk, CA

I heard of this spot from Yelp! So I decided to check this out, and see of everyone was credible. For the most part, everyone nailed it. I have the Jones for fish tacos so from the minute I walked into Senor Baja to the second I stepped out, I was genuinely satisfied. This is no diner, so steer clear if your intentions of impressing your hot date are still a priority. Unless of course, she is down for a cheap date, as she still flaunts off her Coach purse.  But this is your usual fast food joint having about 9 tables for people to dine on. The things I appreciated about Senor, was their easy access parking lot, the quick service, and how compassionate and welcoming the employees were. You would more than probably expect unsatisfactory service at a fast food place, or you wouldn't expect anything, but the lady there helped us out. Their menu is very simple and straightforward. The facility is insignificantly small, yet spotless for the most part. They have a mini salsa bar, not offering much of a variety of salsa, but they do leave you with some enormous jalapeƱos. I got the dos taco plate, consisting of one fish taco and a shrimp taco, featuring Spanish rice on the side along with tortilla chips. Their tacos were stuffed into corn tortilla (my favorite) and are laid out in such a fine mess, you would just want to dive into it. The tacos are very messy and petite in size. Here, you would have to consider quantity, because quality won't be an issue. I had two tacos and I wasn't full, nor was I no longer starving. I was content. My guess is that if you were ferociously starving, you would conquer each taco with three bites each, and possibly four taco would do you justice. Mind you, these tacos are loaded. Senor Baja was heavenly delightful. Pretty dank. I wouldn't say it's the best around town, but if you happened to stumble around the Norwalk-Cerritos vicinity--make a stop by Senor's. They say every Monday and Wednesday, fish tacos are $0.99 each.

*In the photo, you can easily tell how unfortunate the sizes of their fish tacos are--but thats how they come. I overloaded it some more with salsa, just because that's how i toll [:

Monday, June 28, 2010

Open Your Mouth For This One!

Open Sesame
Long Beach, CA

If you are ready to indulge yourself into some Mediterranean food, I suggest you drag your irresistible hot date or a group of friends down to Belmont Shores in Long Beach (2nd Street). There are a handful of Lebanese eatery joints thats you just might be aching for: from some Open Sesame, to Magic Lamp, or Sunnin Lebanese Cafe. Unfortunately, I only had a taste of one of these havens: Open Sesame.

This was my first time ever trying Lebanese Food. So might I admit, this marked itself a lasting impression on me. My first trip at Open Sesame was a sensational encounter. Let me first begin to where my friends and I first walked in. The place wasn't totally compacted, but we were lucky enough to find a seat for four inside. The entire restaurant isn't colossal in size, but perfect enough to grab your best friends and dine in a companionable and problem-free environment.  This Open Sesame had an outside and an in. So choose your pick, but beggars cannot be choosers; since I am aware this place is always happening and crowded with small-time folks. Prior to ordering I knew what I wanted. My table and I ordered some Fried Potatoes and Spicy Hummus with Pita Bread for some pre-gaming.  After deciding between  the Chicken Tawook and the Open Sesame Combo, I decided that I deserve to be spoiled! So, that's right I chose the combo without any regrets. The Open Sesame Combo featured Charbroiled skewers of beef kebob, chicken  tawook, and kafta (which is a meatball consisting of usually beef or lamb. In this case it was lamb) served with basmati rice, hummus and an Open Sesame Salad (which is a bizarre version of a Cesar Salad minus the dressing and type of cheese--but a must have!). Their Fried Potatoes unquestionably sounds way less desirable as it should, I promise you. This isn't McDonalds so I give them a thumbs down for not formulating a catchier name. But the Fried Potatoes were crowned with garlic, chili and lemon juice, and my favorite--cilantros! They're very similar to potato wedges, yet not as oily and with a whole mouthful of tangy flavor. Secondly, their hummus was delicious as it always should be, but mind you once you run low on pita bread, they charge you $0.39 cents a pita (more or less).

The service we had wasn't the best, but it was sufficient. We received our food at an ideal time, and she was attentive to our services. Mediterranean food isn't cheap, but this is surely worth it. Open Sesame wasn't outlandishly expensive either. I perceived it as I got what I paid for. I recommend you try this or the other places I mentioned for some authentic Lebanese cuisine!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Korean BBQ, I love you

 Mr. Lee's Korean BBQ
Cerritos, CA

This is a place you should go if you have been fasting for the whole day--at least! Mr. Lee's is totally worth the hunger pains after waiting for friends that lag and another 30 minute wait. The service is pretty horrible. You don't know who your server is. After you thought Kim was your server ,it's actually Joon who you have never met your whole life and afterlife, might I add. Anyways--I'm just bitter. They also get very stingy on the meat and you can sense their annoyance when your fat ass is asking for another plate of marinated beef. Yes--it is a Korean BBQ buffet. They close at 10 p.m. so they always try to rush you out. Not cool, but your stomach is satisfied, so beat grateful.
You get small (cute) side dishes that are also refillable. They offer Kimchi, mashed potatoes, seaweed, rice patties, and salad. The meat they offer is marinated beef, chicken, and unmartinated beef. You can ask as much meat as you like. I dined with about six other people, and we didn't hold back on our taste buds! Surely enough we felt the weary food coma, and poker was no longer an option for the night. It detoriates you slowy. Something wrong, never felt so good.
Mr. Lee's is definitely a place to go with your entourage. Be prepared to smell like the smoky environment on your hair and clothes. Price is affordable ranging from $6.00 to $9.99 depending on--I'm not quite sure, but it doesn't matter because take my word for it. It's totally worth it.


Buffalo Wild Wings
Buena Park, CA

Apart from their horrible, uncompromisable service, their food is out of this world. I used to work here, so I know how bad their service is. Be prepared to wait for about an hour or two for your table, but be sure to be attentive to the hostess, before he or she forgets about you! Sometimes they forget about your beverage or your food is cold. They have your most popular beers from Budlight to BlueMoon and even Budlight Golden Wheat. There is over, I would say 50, flat screen LCDs to entertain their guests. It gets unbelievably crazy in here for any sport.

Their wings are far better than any Hooters. More flavor, and more meat on the bones. It's drenched in any type of the 15 sauces they offer ranked on a spectrum from medium, to mild, to hot to blazin'. They offer this unique and exclusive "Blazin' Challenge," which is an inventive idea for the drunks and fearless. Don't underestimate this sauce. No Dip, No Sip, No Fear. My usual dish that I order here is their sampler. Flooded with their ultimate nachos (jalapenos, queso, pico and shreaded lettuce); along with their mozzarella sticks, greasy, attack -on-your artery onion rings and of course their boneless wings wet in any sauce you prefer.  Other than that, their Buffalitos are great and their mouth-watering burgers are a must-have: full of flavor and a twisted fusion taste, you need to try it at least once. 

Monday, April 19, 2010

I found Nemo

Midori Sushi
Norwalk, CA

For you sushi enthusiasts out there; let me introduce you to a small sushi joint that I enjoy going to. It's no fancy restaurant--so you are safe to wear your sneakers and wrinkled polo. I completely relish the time eating here with a particular friend of mine. He and I acknowledge the service and rolls over here; never one single complaint was made! I'm big on the size and proportions of their rolls, and this place never let's me down. They definitely proved to us how overrated Kabuki is! They have a simple straight-forward menu, separating your U-don soups from your sushi rolls and your Bento Combos. They offer your usual variety of rolls from their Caterpillar to California, and from their Tiger to their Volcano Roll. The maximum occupancy would probably have to be 45, more or less. It being a decent size, makes it an affordable meal mind you. They usually have only one server, who genuinely bleeds and sweat to satisfy each diner. The sushi man is totally considerate and kind-hearted. He definitely cares a lot about his guest and his sushi. Every time we step in, we are greeted with a warm hello, (in Japanese of course) and are seated right away. In most cases, there are two other groups of people dining in the restaurant. This is the right place to bring a friend or your long-term significant other where you can chat about your long 8-hour shift at work, or just appreciating the silence between one another as you swallow your sushi--yea, it's that yummy where you can't waste the taste on chewing it! This joint is very informal and comfortable. I recommend this place if you're strapped on cash and in  need to satisfy your sushi cravings.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mexican food at its finest

Albertaco's Mexican Food
Cypress, CA

Ah..what taste like 'most authentic Mexican food ever.' Attracting crowds from the younger generations to families and corporate business men and women, Albertaco's Mexican Food, INC., will feed you wholesomely and fully. Noteworthy: Weightwatcher and Jenny Craig participants, please stray away! Looking for a dish topped with pounds of sour cream and guacamole? Then this is the hottest spot. The most famous dishes would have to be anything Carne Asada on it: from Carne Asada Fries to your California Burrito. Yes, I'm sure many Mexican diners have done it and prepared it before, but Albertaco's has this exclusive, messy, and mouth-watering way of how to satisfy your taste buds.

After some late night, heavy partying or awaiting to cure your drunk munchies, this is a must go. You will most definitely encounter young teenagers hang out at this spot after a neighborhood party was swamped by cops, but do they complain after devouring their three-inch in width burrito, wrapped in yellow greasy paper? Customer Service isn't the best hospitality you will receive. If that is the case, head over the El Torito.  But it's a fast food eatery, so your expectations shouldn't exceed no more than a grade 5 on the scale.
Affordable and worthy. Albertaco's will take you to Mexico, and you'd want to miss your flight back, because they won't take you back home!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Have a lil 'Chronic' in your system

Chronic Tacos
Newport Beach, CA

One of the main reasons why Orange County is the place to be--the food! Here at Chronic Tacos, be prepared for a whole mouthful after taking the first bite. They have a partial Subway environment (seeing your own burritos/taco/tostada, etc.) being made for you. The entire restaurant facility is compacted, remembering only two tables for customers to dine on. Actually one is a bar table with three stools, correct me if I'm wrong.
I love their burritos and tacos here. Their burritos are twice the size as most places, and their tacos resemble the size of a mini burrito--it's that fat!  Chronic Tacos is a solid choice, and you won't be disappointed. The title of their name doesn't hinder their food--you do become addicted at some point. This place is an excellent choice for fish tacos or shrimp burritos. After swallowing much salt water from your daily surf routine, come out and revitalize yourself!